Build Your Leadership Capacity: 
3 Must Know Principles 
for Increasing your  
Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional Intelligence Strategies that Work

Who This is for:

For Leaders, Managers, and individual contributors who want to end fiery explosions in the office, hold people accountable, and increase performance. 

Isn’t it interesting that emotional intelligence accounts for 58% of performance in all jobs. 

In addition, 90% of all high performers have high emotional intelligence. 

Wouldn’t it be worth it to improve your emotional intelligence and increase your leadership capacity to manage yourself and others in difficult situations?

Here is an opportunity to learn what every leader must know!! 

In this FREE Training you’ll discover:


Why people become defensive and take what others say and do personally 


The reason that we become “triggered” and react emotionally rather than maintaining our self-control 


How to defuse defensive or negative emotional reactions in others and how to restore rationality in any explosive situation 


How our perception of our violated, personal values create our emotional reactions 


The 5 values that create the majority of workplace challenges and disruptions 


Tips for expanding you leadership capacity to improve your relationship and increase emotional intelligence.

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